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About us


Mabre Handelskontor GmbH was founded in 1989 as the Gesellschaft für deutsch- russische Import und Exportgeschäfte mbH (a German-Russian import and export company.)
Between 1991 and 1993, our subsidiaries WTL-, TDL- and Mabre Beluga Reise GmbH as well as Dieckmann & Hansen GmbH (founded: 1869 - is thus oldest-established caviar trading company in the world) grew out of the general import and export business with concrete product ranges and services.

The object of the company ranged from trade in caviar and sturgeon of all kinds to trade in peat and peat substrate products.

A further very successful long-standing project is the Mabre Residence Hotel in the heart of Vilnius. Restoration and modernisation to state-of-the-art standards has made the hotel a great address for travellers and business people.

The German-Russian trade developed into a worldwide operation in collaboration with a continuously growing number of partnerships with Baltic peat and substrate producers. By being flexible and forward-looking, the firm has been able to share its business success with Baltic companies and thus been able to further expand its fields of activity in the Baltic States and Europe.

Close collaboration in the area of logistics, freight and bulk goods handling with Stevedoring, a company based in the port of Klaipeda, is also a useful supplement to our company's economic activities.

The focus is and remains the raw material peat. Working in close partnerships, in the current global market situation and in accordance with ecological requirements, we constantly strive for successful and profitable trade.



Affiliate companies:

  • WTL- GmbH
  • TDL - GmbH
  • Mabre Beluga Reise GmbH

Holdings in Lithuania

  • - über BTG-mbH in partnership with Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH in 3 peat companies
  • - Mabre "LPC" logistics centre at the port in Klaipeda

Holdings in Latvia

  • - über SIA "LTL" - Nordtorf/HAWITA in 2 peat companies

Long standing partnerships:

  • - Dieckmann & Hansen GmbH in Hamburg
  • - Bol Peat Import B.V. in the Netherlands
  • - Waffen Lux Heidelberg
  • - Norwegian Hand Crafted Cedar Homes